SCWGFL [Coloured Referee Shirts]

By Paul Preston

SCWGFL Member Clubs make historic vote

Referees in SCWGFL matches from season 2017-2018 can wear coloured shirts after clubs approved a rule change.

Providing the colour of the referee shirt does not clash with the competing teams, referees do not have to wear black.

New Rule
13[M] - It is permissible for match officials within this competition, and associated cup competitions under our jurisdiction, to wear a coloured referee shirt. Should the coloured referee shirt clash with either clubs kit, the referee must revert to black. I.e. the referee cannot choose to wear yellow, and make a Club change their entire kit, as the main colour for match officials remains black. It is however permissible now for a referee to wear yellow with a team in blue and a team in red for example.

The shirt(s) must be almost entirely of a single colour. Where a Competition appoints neutral assistant referees, only one non-black coloured shirt is permitted; the colour must be designated and competition rules must ensure that the match officials can wear black or the designated colour without clashing with the Players.

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