Registration [Whole Game Update 04]

By Paul Preston

About 10% of our total players have been submitted.

[To Club Secretaries 2017-2018]

Big thanks to all who have submitted registrations, it has been great for us to see how the system works and sort out any teething troubles which have been few and far between.

About 10% of our total players have been submitted, still plenty of time to submit your registrations but don't wait until the week before to send them in because if we reject the registration then you will not have any time to resolve any problems.

Some have been received with no photo or the photo of the player is not of a passport standard.  Remember these have to be visible on the registration card so if the photo is not clear enough when printed then you may have a problem on matchday 1.

Remember to complete the fields: Country of Birth, Nationality and if there is no issue with international clearance to ensure the "English Qualified Player" field is Yes otherwise we have to check with you that there is no International Clearance issue.

Remember we are running the offline process for player registrations so all the signatures and completed forms are held outside of the system.

Players registered with Brighton & Hove Albion (Youth)
If we see a player already registered with Brighton & Hove Albion then we cannot register the player unless they have de-registered with Brighton & Hove Albion.
Any queries on this then please let me know.

"Offline" Player Registration Process
A reminder to all clubs that we are using the offline player process, this is particularly relevant for youth teams in that providing your club registration form or league registration form is completed and signed by a parent/guardian then there is no need to setup a FAN record for parent/guardians.
We may spot check at random at any time any registration made with the Competition.
Page 5 of the Club Player Registration Guide is a good reference guide:

Club Webinars
Every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, the FA run webinars specifically for you to help answer any questions that you may have on the player registration process in Whole Game.
Details are in the last Whole Game newsletter:

County FA Support
Sussex County FA are available to assist with any questions - please email

Pass Sport Control - Where to send my team registration cards?
If you have not submitted this yet then please can you submit to - this is the form to tell us and Pass Sport Control as to who will receive the completed registration cards.  The form can be downloaded from here:

Whole Game Newsletter
I am expecting a newsletter from The FA today, expect this to be added to our dedicated Whole Game area of the website:

Previous Player Registration Emails
If you cannot find my previous emails to forward onto Registration Officers then fear not as I have a folder with them all included - feel free to forward on

FAQ - Whole Game System
If you know something that would be good to add to the FAQ then please let me know
Any questions then please ask.

Paul Preston
Competition Secretary

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