SCWGFL [Double-Headers for Youth Matches]

By Paul Preston

Guidelines for double-header matches for youth divisions.

We have reached the stage where in some divisions so that the season can be completed in a timely fashion, double-header matches have to be arranged.

For those of you not familiar with the regulations around them, here are some guidelines which I hope will help.

Double-headers are two completely separate matches. You can have different starting teams and substitutes for each match. However, we hope that those with bigger squads use some common sense/respect when playing those with smaller squads in double-header matches.

Duration of Matches
We outline the playing time for double-headers:

  • U18: 25 minutes each way (50 minutes per match)
  • U16: 25 minutes each way (50 minutes per match)
  • U15: 25 minutes each way (50 minutes per match)
  • U14: 25 minutes each way (50 minutes per match)
  • U13: 25 minutes each way (50 minutes per match)
  • U12: 20 minutes each way (40 minutes per match)
  • U11: 20 minutes each way (40 minutes per match)
  • U10: 20 minutes each way (40 minutes per match)

Irrespective of the age group, there will be a 30 minute interval between the end of the first match and the beginning of the second match.

Kick-Off Times
Matches shall kick-off no later than 1.30pm to avoid light issues. Once the clocks have moved forward then either 1.30pm or 2pm is acceptable.

Match Confirmation
The club hosting the double-headers will notify the opposing team (and others as required in the Handbook) of the kick-off times and usual details for both matches.

Club Referees
The club hosting the double-headers has to supply the referee for both matches unless mutually agreed.

Competition Referees
Where a Competition appointed referee is present at a double-header, they shall receive two match fees and one set of travelling expenses which the total cost is to be shared by the competing clubs and paid at the appropriate time in accordance with the Competition Rule.

Matches will be given separate kick-off times so you will receive two separate texts to report results - I would advise that you send a text immediately after the first match with the first match result so that there is no confusion with the results process at the conclusion of the second match. Please look at the double-header matches carefully to ensure the result is sent in the correct format with the Home Team score followed by the Away Team score, remembering that for the second match the team order could switch around.

Match Returns
You will have to submit two separate match returns on Full-Time - one for each match.

In all of the above, please use common sense to ensure that matches are completed and the season finishes on time.

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