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By Paul Preston

The FA announces changes to marks which drives amendments to mathc return process.

With The FA announcing the new Matchday app recently, this has meant that changes to the traditional match return process and the marks that Leagues ask for.

The SCWGFL will review all questions asked as part of its match return process and will ensure that we meet the new standard marking process that The FA will introduce for season 2018-2019.

The FA outline the changes which can be seen in full via the Links at the bottom of this article.

Important changes to marks in Full-Time 2018/19

Ahead of the new season we are making some important changes to the way we record ‘match returns’ in Full-Time, specifically the marks given for referees, respect, the opposition & the pitch.

We are standardising the way we record these marks across all leagues in England to better understand the game and where to improve, develop and reward the work done at grassroots level. The specific changes are listed below:

  • Referee marks

Referees will still be marked out of 100, but the mark will be made up of three questions covering, judgement of major decisions, overall decision making and general control and player management.

  • Respect marks

Two questions to understand the behaviour on and off the pitch on match day.

  • Team marks

There will still be the ability for leagues to set their own questions. These will still comprise of ‘numerical’ questions, ‘yes / no’ questions or ‘free text’ questions.

  • Pitch marks

These remain the same with three questions regarding type of pitch, pitch quality and attendance numbers.

Standardising the marks in this way will allow us to better understand the levels of respect up and down the country, where we need to help referees develop & offer more detailed coaching, but also understand where we need to focus pitch investment in the future.

What do Leagues need to do?
Ahead of these going live for the 18/19 season we ask all leagues to review their current match return and make adjustments to team marks where there could be duplicated questions with the new standardised referee and respect section.

We will be communicating these changes to clubs as part of our Matchday communications in July & August.


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